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Why Join NHCMA?

For over 238 years, NHCMA has represented the voice of New Haven County physicians and their patients. We offer not just a wealth of benefits like networking events, discounts, action alerts, and workshops, we also give you and your patients a way to get involved in the fight for the future of healthcare.

NHCMA president

Steven L. Saunders, MD, MBA, FACP

It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve this organization as its president. Since 1784 the New Haven County Medical Association has supported both patients and physicians in the greater New Haven community to create a successful partnership and excellence in healthcare. There is a rich history that sets this stage to help provide nothing less but the best possible health care for the patients entrusted to our care. Our membership is diverse, extremely talented and bring special skills, training and background to our community and Association. These are challenging times and healthcare is in no way exempt from these challenges. I hope during the year to come that we can expand our membership and bring in new ideas which will enhance the quality of care delivered by our membership to the patients for whom we care and provide the much needed support that our physicians need to deliver excellence and enhance our professionalism and commitment to quality care. The New Haven County Medical Association can provide a powerful mechanism for change drawing upon the talents of its membership. It is my hope that I can help guide my fellow physicians and members to new levels of excellence along with renewed personal and professional satisfaction.

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What is the NHCMA Foundation?
Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of citizens of New Haven County and to educate physicians and the public in matters pertaining to health.

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