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The New Haven County Medical Association is a professional association representing physicians from every medical specialty and practice setting as well as medical students, interns, and residents. For more than 238 years, NHCMA has been at the forefront of current medicine, ensuring that its members are represented in the areas of public policy, government relations, and community relations.

Through its advocacy efforts in both New Haven County and with the statewide Connecticut State Medical Society, your physician leaders and staff strive toward a common goal–that you might spend more time treating your patients and less time worrying about the challenges of managing a practice.

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For over 238 years, NHCMA has represented the voice of New Haven County physicians and their patients. We offer not just a wealth of benefits, like networking events, discounts, action alerts, and workshops; we also give you and your patients a way to get involved in the fight for the future of health care.
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Action Alerts

Despite technological advances, letters and personal meetings remain the most effective means of communicating with elected officials. There are circumstances, however, when it's better to send an e-mail. For example, if a committee is scheduled to take action on a piece of legislation tomorrow and your legislator is on that committee, then an e-mail or phone call is may be the only way to get your message through in time.

Also, if you are pressed for time, an e-mail is better than no communication at all. Once you develop a relationship with a legislator's office, you may find that staffers may prefer to communicate with you by e-mail when they are looking for input on health issues or scheduling a meeting.

If you choose to send an e-mail to your elected officials follow the same rules you would if you were writing a regular letter. Include your address and identify yourself as a constituent. To ensure that your e-mail is read, keep your message brief and to the point.

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