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Board of Governors & Staff

President: Matthew Ellman, MD
President-Elect: Steven Saunders, MD
Vice-President: Treasurer: Elsa L. Stone, MD
Secretary: Maria Stack, MD
Immediate Past President: Michael Virata, MD
Past President At-Large: Jay Sokolow, MD
Councilor: Emily Nolfo, MD
Associate Councilor: Deborah Dyett Desir, MD
Associate Councilor: Brian Keyes, MD
At-Large Member: Katherine (Kiki) Kennedy, MD
At-Large Member: Andrea Needleman, MD
At-Large Member: Lydia Aoun Barakat, MD
At-Large Member: Farid Jadbabaie, MD

Board of Governors:
Afifa Adiba, MD, Resident Member
Agnes Czibulka, MD
Paul Fortgang, MD
G. Davis Gammon, MD
Arshjot Khokhar, MD
Adam Mayerson, MD
Hamid Mojibian, MD
Sandip Mukherjee, MD
Jay Sokolow, MD
Ron Vender, MD
Namita Wijesekera, MD
Steve Wolfson, MD

Special Postions:
Ron Adelman, MD, President CSMS
David Hass, MD, President Elect CSMS
Steven Thornquist, MD, AMA Alternate Delegate
Theodore Zanker, MD, AMA Delegate


Yale School of Medicine
Amber Acquaye
Keval Desai
Emily Gudbranson
Ragini Luthra
Farshid Etaee
Chang Su

Quinnipiac Medical School
David Eaton
Fiona Evans
Megan Leubner
Frank Tavarez Mora

Staff Directory

Managing Director
Jillian Wood

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