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Agnes Czibulka, MDA Message from the President
Agnes Czibulka, MD


I stand here today humbled by the task before us.

In the last 10 years the physician role has dramatically changed. The demands have greatly increased with little support, and navigating the present and future healthcare system has become difficult.

The demands put on physicians by the insurers, practice and hospital administrations, by the government-initiated meaningful use program, and the board recertification exams, all costing money and time.

While the global economy stagnates, medicine has become yet another possible business opportunity for many.

17.5% of our GDP( gross domestic product) is spent on healthcare, way above any other developed country’s spending. This large amount spent on healthcare unfortunately is not reflected by an improvement in the health of our nation’s people. We actually have not made it to the top 25 places in the WHO’s ranking of the World’s Health Systems in 2015.

The Affordable Care Act was created with this issue in mind.

While we all know data collection is necessary to measure, analyze and plan on future steps, we also need to know where the money is spent and how care is delivered.

Physicians have control over the daily care of the patient but have only partial control over the expenses related to it.

We have started EMRs and spent lots of time, money and energy so we can create and follow data.  Many Academies in different specialties have started their own data collection with the purpose of helping their members to follow guidelines, be more efficient and stand together.

As a result of these requirements, physicians have been spending more unpaid time on computers to do the necessary tasks and less time examining and conversing with patients. It is simply impossible to do both well at the same time.

This leads to both patient and physician dissatisfaction with a high burn-out rate of physicians and their staff.
We are all affected. None of us went to medical school to become a scribe or a data analyzer and now, we have to find a solution to reclaim our time, our respect as physicians and our right to have a healthy and happy life.

So what can we do?

More than ever we need teamwork.

Well, who should be on the team?

Everyone recognizes that if physicians are overwhelmed by tasks unrelated to direct patient care, this will have a negative effect both on patients and physicians.

Our partners can be any organization, local county, state societies, hospitals in the region, EMR companies and even insurance companies, who are all coming to realize the value of a well-balanced physician whose focus remains on the patient.

Each player has some responsibility to help physicians regain their status.

Our single goal with the President-Elect, Dr. Adelman, for the next 24 months is going to be just that.

Some details of that work will include;

1. Explore scribing options so physicians can decrease computer time.  To this end we have started discussion with the Medical Staff Engagement Committee  at Yale New Haven Hospital.

2. Start an interactive website where physicians can exchange ideas and observations.

3. Work with CSMS on a lecture series for MACRA, with the involvement of Dr. Varkey, who is a national expert in the topic.  CSMS has already organized two webinars for MACRA.  Check the dates; it is coming soon, will be able to download it from csms.org.

4. Last but not least, organize fun-filled events. We are currently planning an event for the winter, a night where we can enjoy comedy, music and dancing with our spouses and partners who are so much affected with our long hours at work.

Thank you for trusting me with this position.  Please call me or email me with any suggestions and remember, we can shape our future together with our actions today.